London Trip

This post is a little late but I have not had any time since last weekend to actually post anything so here I am now. My last post was back in October and I know it’s now November, I’m just glad to say that I am finally putting up a second post as I only usually do the one before completely forgetting about it!

Me and my sister Sarah, met up back in August as she was a model for one of my portrait shoots to get practice for my photography. We had a blast in Weston-Super-Mare so when we continued talking quite regularly since that day, I suggested to her that she should come up to mine for a weekend so that is what happened.

We decided to go to London, we got a coach there as it was only £20 for the both of us. The coach trip was great until we got into London then me and Sarah started to get a bit of travel sickness!  😦

Sarah wanted to visit Madame Tussauds  in London as she’d recently been to the one in Blackpool and said that it was amazing so we visited there first! Before I add the photos, we were told that we’d have to wait 3 hours to be able to get in but we got in after waiting for just over an hour and a half. It was so hot whilst waiting though but I’m glad we didn’t give in!  🙂

We saw so many people in there but we couldn’t get a photo with everyone as it was so busy in there! I managed to get a photo with “Zoe Sugg @ Zoella” and “Alfie Deyes @ PointlessBlog” which I wanted to do as soon as I looked up on their website and found out that they were there. We had a great time despite it being busy and the wait time  🙂

We went to the Sea Aquarium whilst we were there as well, I can’t go to any place and not go to the aquarium if there is one there! We thought that we’d have to queue up but we got in pretty much straight away, we saw lots of cute animals and had our photo taken also.

I really wanted to go and see Big Ben and to go on the London Eye as well but there was so many people waiting to go on them that we would of been late for our coach back so we are going to plan another trip to London again after Christmas  🙂


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