The Body Shop ~ Himalayan Charcoal Mask

I’m here again! I have been meaning to upload this for some time but I am struggling with tiredness right now and trying to sort it out. I’ve got some vitamins to increase my energy levels but it’s still fairly new at the moment!

So I got this mask from one of my Glossybox subscriptions a couple of months ago. I hadn’t started my blog then so when I decided to try it out, I thought I’d do a review on it on here. I have a few more masks that I have got with a couple more Glossybox subscriptions so there will be a few more coming up soon.

I have combination skin which is very oily but very dry at the same time so a lot of skin care products make my dry parts extra dry. Especially in regards to combination skin products. They say they are for combination skin but then my skin ends up really dry anyway so yes, I’m fairly picky and usually stick to the ones that I know. I am normally very picky with my skin care routine as I dislike having a face that feels like it’s going to crack any minute.


Image from Google

The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask was only a sample size. I cleansed my face before. When applying it, I still had too much in the end so I had to layer it up which I done on my oily areas which is my T-Zone mostly. If I were to one day get a tub of this then I wouldn’t layer it up. I didn’t have anywhere to put the excess so that’s why I just used it all in one go.

This mask felt very “zingy”, the tea tree oil is very.. what’s the word I’m looking for? Noticeable? I want to say strong because you can really smell it but it wasn’t strong at the same time so I don’t know, we’ll leave it at that! It smelt good though! I applied it with my fingers (they were clean, I washed them before doing my face). The mask started drying fairly quickly so I found that I had to put it on quick so it was fairly sloppy. But who puts a face mask on properly anyway?! Haha!


Mask on ~ looking like I’m about to turn into stone! Excuse the sour face, I couldn’t smile 😛

I left it on for 20 minutes I think or mostly until all the wet parts were dry. The longer it was on, the cooler my face felt. I’m not sure whether this was to do with the mask but my face felt freezing. It wasn’t a bad thing, it felt very refreshing. I had no stinging or irritation when using this mask either.

I found it a bit of a task to wash this mask off as I don’t have any flannels or face cloths so I had to use my hands. It took about 10 minutes to wash everything off in the end. Once it was wet, it came off quite easily but it did smear to begin with. I washed it off with luke warm water and then finished off with cold water once everything was off to close the pores (just in case!).

After I dried my face, I’m usually stuck with very dry skin just under my eyes and just to the sides of my nose but after this mask, I had none of that so I was impressed. My skin felt very refreshed and hydrated, it didn’t dry my dry parts out but it made my oily parts clear and soft!


After taking the mask off and applying toner/moisturiser

I followed up with my usual toner and applied some moisturiser. So there is my review, I personally loved this mask and I would definitely buy a tub of it as well! I don’t really know much about skin care in general but it done wonders for my combination skin so if you have combination skin then maybe give it a try? 🙂

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