Beach & family walks!


So this post is a couple of days late because I have been doing some redesigning on the blog and it was frustrating. Along with doing some tidying up at my dad’s house, this has had a back seat for a couple of days. Here I am though!

Good days are always spent at the beach right?! That is usually something that happens quite rarely for us who live in England as we are usually greeted with the rain and the wind. So we took the opportunity to go out while we had the chance, we didn’t travel far from my dad’s house though as he is not able to walk long distances or be out for long periods of time due to tiredness.

All the stress that we have had recently, I had decided on the Thursday after talking with my best friend Jo that I would take him out somewhere this weekend. Jo had not been feeling that great for the last couple of days so I was going to surprise her by taking her to the Royal Country Victoria Park in Netley, Southampton to go for a walk along the beach and just get some fresh air.

My dad had suggested that we could all go if Jo was feeling up to it so by the time I got to my dads, we had already planned a little road trip to go on! It was great 😀 Jo came along as well as my dad and brother, James. It was such a lovely day, blue skies, very warm!


We walked along the beach and started looking for pretty shells to collect. My dad seemed to of found all the good ones! James and Jo had a seaweed fight at one point which had us all chuckling and trying to keep out of the way of flying seaweed. We put our feet in the water and then ran away from the waves coming up at us. James ended up with soaking wet feet because he wasn’t quick enough 😀


Me and Jo found two different coloured roses on the beach as well. It made us both wonder whether the people who left them there had a good night or a bad night? I got a great shot of both then had to teach Jo how to take a “creative photo” as she called it. Haha!


Overall it was a great afternoon out with some great company. My dad has been struggling recently with his diagnosis of lung cancer and feels very down most days with being indoors as he’s unable to get out a lot now so he really appreciated the little trip to the beach 🙂 It was nice to just relax and have fun for a while, we didn’t talk about dad’s cancer or any other problem that we have going on right now. We just laughed, throw stones in the water, chuck seaweed and walk around the park. We finished off the day with a nice warm drink to heat us up as it got pretty chilly towards the end of the day!

One thought on “Beach & family walks!

  1. jobakerxo says:

    Thank you for a lovely surprise. It was the nicest day wasn’t it! A bit of light relief for everyone and even the seaweed fight was fun haha. Looking forward to our next day out together when I’m over this awful cold xx

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