My name is Louise, I’m 27 years young. I’ve always wanted to do a blog but I am useless at them as I always forget to update them though I have a few ideas this time. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to websites/design etc, this took me a long time to set up and I have probably changed it about 10 times!
I’m a support worker on a day to day basis for adults with learning disabilities. In my spare time, I’m an amateur photographer. I’m crazy about beauty, hair, make up, nail art, DIY’s and just the general stuff that I tend to browse for hours on end on Pinterest!
This blog is not only going to be about what I listed above, it’s going to be about a bit of everything really. I’ll use it to document my daily life which may include some mental health posts but mainly I will try to post about interesting things!
Here’s to me actually succeeding with a blog. If I can do this then it’ll be a goal off my bucket list ♥